The Bollywood actor is being investigated for his alleged involvement in the Mahadev betting app case 

The ED is probing the Mahadev betting app for money laundering, accusing it of facilitating illegal money flows from betting and gambling 

Ranbir Kapoor summoned by ED in Mahadev app case. ED probing his finances for possible links to money laundering charges 

Ranbir Kapoor has not yet commented on the allegations against him. However, his lawyer has said that he will cooperate with the ED investigation 

ED to pursue Mahadev app case & Ranbir Kapoor's involvement. Possible charges if evidence of wrongdoing found include money laundering 

The case may harm Animal's release. Conviction in money laundering could lead to jail, fines, and harm his career prospects 

Ranbir Kapoor's case highlights scrutiny of India's online betting industry; his guilt could trigger a crackdown 

August 2023: ED searches linked to Mahadev app case. September 2023: Ranbir Kapoor summoned. October 2023: Kapoor questioned by ED.

Ongoing investigation; outcome uncertain. ED's seriousness indicates potential severe consequences if Ranbir Kapoor is found guilty