From False Start to Victory: Jyothi Yarraji's reversed Bronze-to-Silver Medal Upgrade at the Asian Games!

Jyothi Yarraji, an Indian hurdler, won the silver medal in the Women's 100m Hurdles at the 2023 Asian Games, but her medal was not without its fair share of controversy

At the race's start, Yarraji and Chinese athlete Wu Yanni faced a false start review. Replays confirmed Wu's early start, but officials initially allowed both to continue

Yarraji placed third, behind Wu and Lin Yuwei. Yet, AFI promptly protested, citing Wu's false start for disqualification

After reviewing the evidence, the officials agreed with the AFI's protest and disqualified Wu. This upgraded Yarraji's bronze medal to silver

Yarraji was delighted with her upgraded medal but disappointed by the controversy. She was focused on her race and unaware of Wu's false start

The AFI was pleased with the decision to upgrade Yarraji's medal. AFI President Adille Sumariwalla said that the decision was "black and white" and that it was the right thing to do

Athletics experts said that the decision to disqualify Wu was the correct one. They said that the rules are clear on false starts and that there was no room for interpretation in this case

Jyothi Yarraji's silver medal is a testament to her hard work and dedication. She overcame a controversial false start to win a medal for India at the Asian Games