India has asked Canada to recall more than two dozen of its diplomats from India, according to top government sources. This comes after India suspended visa processes for Canadians

In September 2023, India accused Canada of sheltering Sikh extremists. In October 2023, visa processes for Canadians were suspended, and India demanded the recall of over two dozen diplomats

India criticizes Canada's backing of Sikh separatists, alleged interference, and rising Hindu hate crimes 

India's action is likely to further strain relations between the two countries. It could also lead to a decrease in trade and investment between the two countries 

Canada expresses "deep disappointment" over India's visa suspension but remains committed to a strong relationship with India 

Canada's response to India's diplomat recall request will shape the potential for increased tensions 

Dr. Shanthie Mariet D'Souza warns that India's move signals dissatisfaction and serves as a strong caution to Canada 

Public in India supports a tough stance due to perceived Canadian interference and support for Sikh separatists 

India's diplomat recall request marks a major development; Canada's response and future relations are uncertain