From False Start to Victory: Jyothi Yarraji’s reversed Bronze to Silver Medal Upgrade at the Asian Games!


Have you ever wondered what it takes to turn bronze into silver, not through physical performance but through a controversial turn of events? Picture this: the tension on the track, the stakes at their peak, and the unexpected twist that made headlines across Asia.

The False Start:

The race began with a false start that left both Jyothi Yarraji and Chinese athlete Wu Yanni under review. Who made the first move, and how did the officials handle it? The drama unfolded right before our eyes as replays revealed the truth.

Yarraji Finishes Third:

Despite her remarkable performance, Yarraji initially finished third behind Wu and Lin Yuwei.

The Protest and Disqualification:

The Athletics Federation of India (AFI) didn’t take this lightly. They immediately filed a protest, pushing for Wu’s disqualification based on the false start.

Wu Disqualified, Yarraji Upgraded to Silver:

Justice prevailed as officials reviewed the evidence and agreed with the AFI’s protest, turning Jyothi Yarraji’s bronze into a shining silver medal. Her reaction and perspective on the controversy are a testament to her resilience and dedication. She focused on her own race, unaware of the storm brewing around her.

AFI’s Reaction:

The AFI was delighted with the decision. AFI President Adille Sumariwalla deemed it a “black and white” call, emphasizing the importance of upholding the rules.

Expert Opinion:

Athletics experts unanimously supported the disqualification of Wu, citing the clarity of the rules regarding false starts. Sometimes, there’s no room for interpretation.


Jyothi Yarraji’s journey at the Asian Games took an unexpected turn, as a false start controversy led to her initially winning a bronze medal. However, a protest by the Athletics Federation of India (AFI) resulted in the disqualification of the Chinese athlete Wu Yanni, upgrading Yarraji’s medal to silver. This dramatic twist showcased Yarraji’s resilience and dedication, and it underscored the importance of upholding the rules in athletics, with experts unanimously supporting the decision.

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