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City Defense! is a castle defense game that requires strategic simulation. Players must build and defend their castle from enemy armies. The game offers customization options for fortifications, soldier recruitment, and formation strategies. Its straightforward gameplay has made City Defense! a popular mobile strategy game.

City Defense! Mod APK v1.45 can be downloaded for free on The modded version includes unlimited money for both Android and iOS platforms. With this, players can easily purchase upgrades, mercenaries, new troops, and special weapons without worrying about in-game resources or real money purchases.

The mod also offers fast forward battles, team-based online co-op, and 4 unique soldiers for an enhanced gaming experience. Players will surely enjoy intense battle scenarios and keep coming back for more.

Gameplay and Modes

This is a challenging and stimulating reflex and strategic thinking skills video-game. Each level is different and the enemy constantly changes tactics to try and outsmart you. You must think ahead, analyze the situation, and react quickly. To defeat as many enemies as possible, you need to be resourceful and take advantage of every opportunity.

As you progress, the levels become increasingly difficult. The controls are intuitive and easy to learn, making it perfect for beginners. The control system is natural, enjoyable, and gives each level a unique feel. Prepare for an intense battle to save your city from destruction by sharpening your reflexes.

City Defense Mod Apk v 1.45 features

The city’s under attack! The protestors are here and they’re causing chaos! Time to draw the defense line and protect the crowd city from being taken over! Call in the troops, clone those armies, and let’s be the cops that push back against this madness! We need to establish one mob control and defend our turf! It’s red vs blue, cops vs robbers, protestors vs the establishment – all in one place, fighting for control of the crowd defense!

But if we want to win this battle, we need to be the cops that know how to establish one mob control and defend our city! Clone those armies fast and get ready to conquer our enemies! This is the ultimate game of police vs protestors, with the crowd evolution happening right before our eyes! The total conquest of our city is inevitable, but we won’t let the riot crowd get to our police officer cars!

We’ll do a base defense of the city just like in z defense, and make sure that the blue army wins this fight! Let’s be the cops that push em all and empty this riot crowd from our city! The defense of our city is our top priority, and we won’t let them conquer our town and do a takeover of the crowded city! We must retain the crowd defense, and draw the line in the sand against this red vs blue stickman battle! Clone those armies, and let’s make a total conquest of this riot crowd takeover!

City defense
City Defense Mod Apk
City defense mod apk v1.45
City defense apk v1.45

Numerous Urban Areas and Levels

The City defense game is exciting with four distinct cities to play. Players can defend their city from destruction and progress through each level. Starting with Los Angeles, players must complete all levels until reaching the final stage.

Each level becomes more interesting and difficult as players move forward. Casablanca, Toronto, and Kyoto can be unlocked by completing Los Angeles’ levels. Upcoming updates will add more cities for players to enjoy.

Upgrade Heroic Forces And Equipments

Upgrading soldiers and equipment is important for success in video games. Players can improve their army’s capabilities by increasing numbers, improving quality, and unlocking new weapons and tools. These upgrades provide advantages in both online and single-player games. New items become available through ongoing updates and expansion packs.

Players must use a balanced strategy and all available resources. Each hero has unique abilities and characteristics, which can be used for offense or defense. By using the right character in each situation, victory is achievable.

Visuals and Audio Effects

City Defense has an old-school charm with 8-bit graphics and a classic soundtrack. The gameplay is modern and challenging for all ages. Players can customize their hero’s outfit with different armor or weapons. The game allows players to earn coins and purchase upgrades as they progress through levels.

This ensures users are always making progress, even during frustrating moments. Overall, City Defense is a unique and enjoyable game with endearing features that make it stand out in its genre.

Fortifications and Obstacles

In City Defense, building walls and barricades is important for preparing for enemy attack. Quick construction of walls is key for defense. The wall-building mechanic is easy to learn and can be done within minutes. Mesh-wire fences can create a barrier around your settlement that may slow down or stop enemies.

This gives you time to prepare for a counter-attack. Use the wall-building feature when approaching enemy battles for a better chance at victory.

Acquire New Weapons

Unlock New Weapons is a challenging and exciting video gaming experience that offers a wide variety of weapons to choose from. Each weapon has unique properties that can help you in battle, whether you prefer heavy punch or precision accuracy.

With practice, you can quickly find the one that suits your style the best. You can level up your selected weapons as you progress, which improves their performance and adds new features. Unlocking and upgrading weapons is crucial to maximizing your success in the gameplay. The excitement and challenge of the video gaming experience is never-ending.

City Defense MOD APK Download

City Defense MOD APK is an Android game designed to provide gamers with unlimited resources, weapons and upgrades for your team. With its MOD version you don’t have to waste your time with ads, and can immediately jump into the battlegrounds for a thrilling experience that doesn’t require spending real money.

Everything just became easier–infinite amounts of money are right at your fingertips and ready to be used in the game shop. The MOD is convenient, reliable and very easy to download as long as you have an internet connection.

The MOD version of City Defense enhances the strategy experience by eliminating concerns about finances and advertisements. It allows for a customized and enjoyable game. This offer is available for a limited time, so consider obtaining it.

App NameCity Defense MOD APK
Latest Version1.45
Developed ByHoma
RequirementAndroid 5.1 and Up
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
Root RequiredNo
Latest Update1 day ago

Download and Installation – Android and PC

Android –

Defense City MOD APK is a city defense game that is popular among android gamers. It features multiple levels and requires strategic planning and quick reflexes to succeed, as players fight against enemies to protect their city from siege.

To install City Defense! Mod APK 1.45, you must enable the “Unknown Sources” option on your Android device. This allows you to download apps from sources other than the Google Play Store. Once enabled, go to to download the MOD version of the city building game. The Download button is located at the top of the page for easy access.

To install the modded version of City Defense!, locate the file “City Defense! Mod APK 1.45” in your downloads directory. Tap on it and select “Install” to start the process. This will install all necessary contents on your android device, giving you access to all features of the full version for free. Once installed, City Defense is ready to use.

PC or Laptop –

To be able to play the Defense City MOD APK on the PC or Laptop, you need to first download an emulator and install it on your system. An emulator is a program that enables your computer to mimic the interface of an Android device so that you can easily access any android features while playing the game.

After installation, all you need to do is search for the – Defense City MOD APK  Download on any search engine like Google, download the game, open the emulator, install it in your computer, run the application from inside the emulator, launch it up and enjoy playing this exciting city defense game right away!


Get ready for a challenge that goes beyond the typical casual gaming experience with City Defense, the engaging and immersive strategy game. With quick and simple mechanics that gradually increase in difficulty, this game strikes the perfect balance of fun and complexity.

Dive into the world of City Defense with its vibrant art style and responsive control system that will keep you hooked for hours. But that’s not all! With multiplayer capabilities and challenging PvE missions, there’s always something new to discover in this game.

Its crisp interface makes it easy to learn the game’s various components quickly, while the adjustable difficulty ensures that you’ll never feel overwhelmed or unchallenged. So if you’re looking for a new way to test your skills and have some serious fun while doing it, City Defense is the game for you! Don’t miss out on the excitement and adventure that awaits – start playing now!

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