2) Bitcoin IRA

Account Minimum: $3,000

Security Encryption: 256-bit SSL

Insurance Protection: Up to $700 million

Bonus: New customer? Sign up today and earn a $150 reward upon funding your account.

Easy setup and tradingHigh setup and maintenance fees
Secure offline digital asset storage
Digital assets insured up to $700 million


Bitcoin IRA, which started in 2016, is the biggest company that lets you invest in cryptocurrency with your retirement savings. They make it easy with a simple setup, 24/7 trading, and strong security.

To start, you can make an IRA account and a digital wallet quickly through their app or website. Once you transfer money to your account, you can start trading in just a few days. You can buy, sell, and trade anytime.

Bitcoin IRA lets you trade over 60 types of cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. To open a regular account, you need at least $3,000, but they have a Saver IRA option that only needs $100 to start, with a monthly investment of $100.

They take security seriously by using strong encryption, keeping digital assets offline for safety, and insuring assets up to $700 million. They do have some fees, but you’ll need to get in touch with their customer service to know the exact numbers.